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Nutrition for better living

Good nutrition is the basic element for optimal health and a healthier life. Without doubt, nutrition plays an important role in our daily routine. Especially now that many more people are worried about maintaining their health, to achieve a full and active life.

Proper nutrition and physical activity continued, can help you reach a higher comfort level. So we should make the best possible choices about our diet and lifestyle. But what are the benefits of healthy nutrition? First, the body needs various nutrients and minerals for proper functioning and the only way is with a healthy diet including vitamins and minerals. The nutrients help the body develop, are necessary to repair damaged tissues, and maintain your health in good condition.

Aware of this, Suiza strives every day to present alternatives that meet consumer needs, while complementing a client healthy and nutritious, for each family member and every stage of their lives. Starting fresh Swiss milk in any of its alternatives, either fresh whole milk, low fat or fat free. In addition, in response to new food habits of their customers, Suiza Suiza launched Essential Milk, delicious milk 100% fat free and 67% more calcium than regular milk. This milk is ideal for people looking to reduce fat intake, but who love the creamy texture and flavor of fresh milk. Not forgetting that contains lots of vitamins that your body needs and is enriched with calcium.

But Suiza is much more than milk and dairy product portfolio includes a full line of cheeses among which are: the creamy American cheese, an excellent alternative in taste, texture and consistency, with a high energy value. Another healthy alternative is Nu Delight, a line of yogurt with only 80 calories and free of grease, available in the rich flavors of strawberry, strawberry banana, peach and vanilla.

Suiza also offers a full line of juices and fruit drinks chilled, have long been a favorite of Puerto Ricans. Premium starting with Suiza, which is 100% orange juice, 100% natural. Made in Puerto Rico, Suiza Premium is health in every glass of juice because it contains, 120% vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, vitamins B1, B3 and B6. In addition, it contains no added sugar and is free of sodium and cholesterol. Suiza gajitos Premium is available free, with gajitos and a version for strong bones. PURE Fruit is also Suiza, which contains 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. In fact, a glass of 8oz. Swiss Fruit PURE is sufficient to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C in the body and is available in Chinese flavors, passion fruit, pineapple, "tropical punch and sweet pink grapefruit.

In this category, Suiza has taken account Fruits consumers who have redefined their lifestyle as a healthy and aware of the importance of good nutrition, but without sacrificing taste. For them, Suiza has Swiss Fruit Pure Light, available in flavors of pineapple, Chinese or patches. An excellent choice for a healthy diet because it contains half the carbohydrates, calories and sugar than regular juice, maintaining the rich taste of fruit.

Finally, there is, Suiza Fruit, refreshing fruit drink for the whole family that has accompanied grades and boys for generations. Its variety of natural flavors include China, guava, pineapple, grapes, "fruit punch, kiwi-strawberry, acerola and patches. To include the whole family, Suiza has also developed Light Fruit Suiza, the ideal drink for diabetics, it does not contain added sugar and is sweetened with Splenda. Swiss Light Fruit is made with real fruit juice and contains 100% vitamin C. The best thing is that all its flavors contain about 60% less calories, sugars and carbohydrates than the regular version.

Remember to keep a healthy lifestyle is not only what you eat. It's a whole package. What you eat, how much sleep, the air we breathe, how much exercise you do, etc. If you take action and change your lifestyle, you can avoid or prevent disease to live longer and better. In short, opt for healthy nutrition and stay healthy longer.

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