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Calcium Benefits

Approximately 99 percent of calcium in the human body is accumulated in the bones and teeth. This is the reason for which consuming high calcium products helps us to promote strong and healthy teeth. Also, calcium salts approximately constitute 70 percent of the bones, providing to these their force and rigidity.

The remaining 1 percent of calcium circulates in the blood which runs a variety of important functions. For example, calcium helps the heart. A person who does not consume lots of calcium needed is likely to suffer from high blood pressure. In these cases, the body releases the hormone calcitriol in response to a deficiency in calcium, calcitriol acts on the walls of the arteries of the muscles, contracting them and raising blood pressure. Consuming adequate servings of calcium helps muscles, including the heart, to do the job of contracting and relaxing, helping the nervous system to regulate the levels of pressure in the arteries.

Investigators have found that calcium significantly reduces the severity of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), reducing the physical and emotional symptoms significantly. Women who consume high calcium diets irritate less and backaches, cramps and swelling are reduced.

Calcium protects against cancer of the colon. Shortage is had that to ingest the suitable portions of calcium reduces the risk of contracting cancer of the colon and suppresses the growth of polyps. Investigators mention that this is tied to excess of calcium that is internal once the body has absorbed the calcium that needs.

Consuming the daily portions of calcium begins with your diet. The body absorbs calcium better in food than in supplement form. Dairy products constitute the main calcium source. No other food contains the wealth of nutrients in milk and its derivatives. It is recommended to eat at least 3 calcium rich products per day, which can all be dairy; milk, yogurt and cheeses. It is recommended that these are low in fat or without fat. Milk can be consumed on its own or with other foods. Cheese and yogurt are ideal for those people who suffer from an intolerance to lactose. These items are easier to digest, aside from other foods, proteins, and vitamins that help us maintain healthy bodies. Eat healthy and "Celebrate Life".

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