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Eat Healthy

Recent studies have concluded that the nutrients that are in dairy products, including calcium, can contribute to the loss of weight and to protect against fat buildup.

One study showed that rich calcium diets play an important role in the regulation of the metabolism and this can be in the reduction from the corporal fat and in the acceleration in the loss of fat and weight during a process of diet or reduction of caloric consumption. The calcium that is in dairy products played a better role than the supplements.

In one of the studies, obese adults who consumed 3 services of yogurt daily as part of a weight loss program, lost 22% more weight and 61% more fat during a program of 12 weeks in comparison with those who simply they reduced the consumption of calories.

In another study with 35 healthy non-obese adults, those with high calcium diets, in a period of 24 hours were able to burn significantly more fat, even while they slept.

People who consumed between 3 to 4 daily portions of milk, yogurt or cheese while they maintained a low diet in calories lost significantly more weight and fat than those that consumed the calcium equivalent through supplements, or those that consumed one or less portions to the day of milk, yogurt or cheese.

To consume 3 dairy products to the day: milk, cheese or yogurt are associated with the loss of fat. Eat healthy and “Celebrate Life”.  

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