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Our Milk-Making Process


The cows graze and turn the food they consume into milk. They are milked mechanically twice per day, 365 days a year.


The milk that a cow produces is stored in a tank that keeps the milk cool for a maximum of 2 days. All of the milking equipment is cleaned and disinfected before each milking.


A veterinarian takes care of of the health of the cow.


When the technician is authorized, crude milk passes from the truck through the primary filters, by the cooling bay and is stored in the silos.


A laboratory technician makes sure that the milk is in best condition.


The milk is moved to trucks and taken to the manufacturing plant. Before putting milk in a truck, it is inspected, its temperature is moderate and an individual sample for analysis is taken to the laboratory.


When production needs processed milk, the crude milk in the silo is transported and it is processed. We pasteurize first it and...


...then it is homogenized. The processed milk is then finally ready to be packaged.


Packing machines fill the Grade A fresh milk packages.


The filled packages are kept in baskets and these are moved to a cooled refrigerator where they are stored. Soon they are loaded in cooled trucks and they are distributed to retailers or to our consumers directly, who enjoy our quality product.


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