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Laboratory Analysis
Chemical and bacteriological tests that are performed on milk to make sure that it is high quality.

Refrigerated Truck

Prepared truck to keep milk at a suitable temperature while it is distributed to the consumer.

Thermo Truck

Special trailer designed to maintain a temperature. Like a thermos, but larger.

Primary Filters

They are used to eliminate any solid impurity that can be found within crude milk.


Mechanical process that is used to break the fat of milk in small small pieces, distributing the same in uniform particles and avoiding that separates.

Crude Milk

Milk that not yet has been pasteurized nor homogenized.

Grade A Milk

Processed milk that fulfills the strict standards of quality control required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Processed Milk

Milk that is pasteurized and homogenized.


Process developed by the French scientist Louis Pasteur, that eliminates the pathogenic bacteria (harmful the health of the human being) and maintains its purity. Our milk is pasteurized to 170 F.

Cooling Press

Lowers the temperature of milk to 40F or less when it is received from the cattle ranches.


It is used to store to crude milk or processing and to maintain it at a suitable temperature.

Laboratory Technician

Biologist or chemist who is in charge of carrying out laboratory quality tests.


Milk must always stay to 45 F or less.

Milk Cows

Healthy cows that grow up to produce milk in great amounts, unlike those used for meat.


The specialist that takes care of animals.

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