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Suiza Fruit with new packaging

You've probably seen the changes we have made to strengthen the "look" modern, youthful and refreshing Swiss Fruit. Importantly, the packaging has highlighted the new benefits and attributes such as, 20% less sugar and 90 calories, we are confident will generate an increase in sales.


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Suiza partners with the Red Cross

As part of a collaboration agreement with the American Red Cross Chapter of Puerto Rico, Suiza, the leader in the manufacture and distribution of dairy products and fruit drinks, sponsored the development of a coloring book aimed at preschoolers in highlighting the necessary preparations in case of natural disasters.


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Summer Evenings in the MAPR with Suiza

For the sixth consecutive year, the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR), held its summer afternoon, this year under the auspices of Suiza Dairy. The event, held every Wednesday during the months of June and July, brought together hundreds of children for the purpose of promoting art and imagination in an atmosphere of creativity.


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Nourish their lives on behalf of the Institute Psicopedagógico

Suiza Dairy and Walmart have a new corporate alliance
Suiza Dairy, along with Walmart, recently announced the start of a new EU initiative to support the efforts of the Institute of Puerto Rico Psicopedagógico (IPPR). Through it, the IPPR will be donating two cents per half gallon of fresh milk sold in Suiza during July 22 to August 22, 2010, in any of the Walmart Supercenters or Amigo Supermarkets around the island.


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The tradition of Christmas packages returns

After the success of last year, Suiza, launched again this year the packaging of fresh milk 32 ounces with Christmas decorations, as it did over two decades. The packages are decorated with the face of Santa Claus, but with modern images.


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¡Suiza Moo Tour!

As part of the commitment that Suiza has in promoting a healthy diet, especially in our children, we've created the Swiss Moo Tour. A Tour through Suiza Moo carry the message to children about the importance of eating three dairy products a day, ie fresh milk, cheese and yogurt.


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Health Clinics in Hato Rey

In the middle of the daily grind and the stress of San Juan's financial district, La Milla de Oro, employees and visitors of the companies with offices in the area recently had the opportunity to participate in health clinics sponsored by Suiza Premium.


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Suiza Dairy Unveils New Truck Fleet

Carmen Laura Marrero, president of Suiza Dairy, recently gave its team of conductors a new fleet of trucks where the signage of its new corporate motto stands out: We are with you at every moment of your life.


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