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Nourish their lives on behalf of the Institute Psicopedagógico

Suiza Dairy and Walmart have a new corporate alliance
Suiza Dairy, along with Walmart, recently announced the start of a new EU initiative to support the efforts of the Institute of Puerto Rico Psicopedagógico (IPPR). Through it, the IPPR will be donating two cents per half gallon of fresh milk sold in Suiza during July 22 to August 22, 2010, in any of the Walmart Supercenters or Amigo Supermarkets around the island

As part of the program, has coordinated a schedule of visits to these establishments in which part of the IPPR personnel, to provide information and guidance on the services offered by the institution. Founded in 1949, the IPPR provides specialized health services, nutrition, education and essential care to the population of children and adults with severe and profound mental retardation, in order to improve their quality of life.

"In Suiza we are committed to the welfare of Puerto Rico. Therefore, we have given particular attention to this initiative, we hope to help these children and adults fail to develop in an environment where the warmth prevails and respect, "said Carol Rodriguez, manager of marketing and advertising of Suiza Dairy.

For decades, Suiza has maintained an excellent relationship with the community and has contributed to various social programs, arts and cultural, as well as nonprofit organizations throughout the island This activity is part of a series of events that Suiza has carried out throughout the year.


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