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Suiza Moo Tour!

As part of the commitment that Suiza has in promoting a healthy diet, especially in our children, we've created the Swiss Moo Tour. A Tour through Suiza Moo carry the message to children about the importance of eating three dairy products a day, ie fresh milk, cheese and yogurt. Selected schools and colleges are participating in the Swiss Moo Tour, collecting labels of all the variety of fresh Suiza, Swiss American Cheese Slices, Swiss Cheese and White Delight Nu Lite caps. All students have been receiving the guidance, together with an informative material for their parents and can not miss the rich experience of having a nutritious snack with a variety of dairy products in Suiza during our visits.

The support of the Directors of each school / college has been very enthusiastic, and children are very happy with our visits, guidelines, snacks and especially with the ultimate prize for which all are competing, an educational tour about the process Full production of fresh milk in Suiza.

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