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Suiza Dairy Unveils New Truck Fleet

Carmen Laura Marrero, president of Suiza Dairy, recently gave to part of its team of conductors a new fleet of trucks where the signage of our corporate motto stands out: We are with you at every moment of your life. The modern fleet consists of ten new trucks, which will be assigned to different areas from distribution, and are part of the progressive change of the present fleet. All the trucks count on an attractive livery, where they display red and white, that identifies our the company, as well as his advertising campaign.


The signage of the trucks is part of an aggressive corporate communications program that is been implementing the company and that it includes, as well, different efforts in the points of sale.

Suiza Dairy Corp., established in 1942, is leader of the fresh milk market with 66% share. Among the products in their portfolio include Essential Milk, Nesquik ready-to-drink, and a variety of regular, lowfat, and skim milks.. They also manufacture and distribute Suiza Fruit, Suiza Pure Fruit, Suiza Premium and Golden Supreme. Suiza Dairy, has more than 900 employees through five distribution centers and two factories on the island.

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