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New Almond Breeze

As an alternative for people intolerant to lactose or soy, was recently introduced in the market the new Almond Breeze. A chilled almond milk, lactose free, gluten, cholesterol, saturated fat and casein. With 70 days of life, Almond Breeze is available in two varieties, Original and Vanilla, both in cardboard packaging 64 oz.

Almond Breeze has a creamy almond flavor that is delicious to the palate. It is also rich in protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamins needed for more complete nutrition. Made with California almonds, Almond Breeze Original contains 60 calories per cup, this is half the calories of a glass of milk with 2% fat. Vanilla Almond Breeze While it is blended with natural vanilla, does not include saturated fat and contains only 90 calories.

Suiza Dairy Corp, a company established since 1942. It is the market leader in fresh milk with 65% share. In addition to dairy products such as its variety of American Cheese Slices Swiss cheese, Swiss cheese and yogurt Suiza, are manufacturers and distributors of Suiza Fruit, Pure Fruit and Suiza Suiza Premium.

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