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Suiza Dairy is expanding its operations in Aguadilla

Develops new fruit drink with vitamin after plant expansion.
By El Nuevo Dia

The processor and distributor of dairy products, juices and fruit drinks Suiza Dairy Corp. recently began developing a new product at its facility in Aguadilla, after expanding it to an investment of $ 5 million.

The plant of 26.000 square feet, located on Highway 467, in the neighborhood Camaseyes, is producing fruit drink "Golden Punch", the main product which made the expansion, said Laura Carmen Marrero, president of the company.

The new product, the company adds to its category of marks Fruit Switzerland, Switzerland Swiss Premium Pure Fruit is a fruit drink with 100% vitamin C needed daily.

Suiza Dairy in the plant also processes fresh milk brand Aguadilla Suiza.

The executive added that the expansion of existing technological advances included in the industry worldwide, and 20 new jobs, for a total of 155 direct jobs in the West.

"With the expansion and the launch of Golden Punch we demonstrating our commitment to consumers and economic development of the island," said Marrero.

Aguadilla plant founded as a processor of fresh milk in 1949 under a different name and management. In the 1960 the other owners purchased and operated under the name of Borinquen Dairy 2000. In 2005 it was acquired by Suiza Dairy and resumed operations as a producer of yogurt.

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