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Suiza Dairy, is a Puerto Rican corporation established in 1942. As leader in the distribution and manufacture of milk products, juices and drinks, it is proud to us arrive day by day to each corner of our island, offering quality products, convenience and freshness. The mark of our commitment is loyalty and good service.

Under its current leadership, the Suiza company has remained increasingly competitive.

Suiza Dairy, Corp. has not only the best personnel, and second largest sales team on island, with over 200 staff, it also has two of the best facilities in the US, operated by highly sophisticated computerized systems.

Fast machines package hundreds of units per minute. Besides the central plant located in Rio Piedras, Suiza counts on DFM in Aguadilla, manufacturing juice and milk and three distribution centers in Juncos, Ponce and Hatillo.




We are a corporation with a diverse portfolio of businesses, presence and international projection.

We strive to satisfy the needs with our clients and consumers with services and products of the highest quality, as to be always the first option.




To maintain the leadership in each one of the markets which we participate in, through the production and marketing of goods with brands that guarantee added value for our clients and consumers.

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